Awale Online

Oware is a strategy game among the Mancala family of board games played in West Africa and worldwide. The goal of the game is to capture more seeds than one's opponent. This is an invaluable Oware companion for players of all levels, from beginner to the strongest player, a fun way to play Oware and improve your game. It's also a great way to meet another players from around the world.
Download it for free now!

Download it for free now!

Awale Online is available on any mobile device and ranking #1 on Google Play!




Adventure Mode : Play against Characters with various levels

Rated games or not (seek player) against real people

Send messages to your opponent

Press and hold down hole to see the number of seeds

Landscape mode

View ranking players playing online

Challenge your friends play

Play against another player in face to face

Automatic recording games

Review a game

Progress to Oware with Study Mode

Strong computer opponent with adjustable playing strength

Help button on the use of the game

Rules in English, French, Spanish and German

We new friends!